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Sangam is a meeting point of Bheema and Amaraja rivers. Sangam is like Prayaga. The importance of Sangam was explained by Shreeguru and it can be seen in Shreegurucharitra. Who ever takes a bath in Sangam, he will free from his sins and his wishes will be fulfilled.Bath in Sangam in Kartheeka maasa, Maagha maasa, Makara sankranthi, poornima and Amaavashya days.

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Oudumbar Tree

Oudambar Tree: The Oudumbar tree is situated at the place nearer to Sangam. After having bath in Sangam a mug/pot/bottle of Sangam water has to be takne and it should be poured a the root of famous Oudumbar tree. Do the pradakshina rounds to the tree by chanting Datta nama ‘DIGAMBARA DIGAMBARA SHREE PAADA VALLABHA DIGAMBARA". Somany Sadhus/devotees are continuously doing Shreegurucharitra payara int he presence of the tree. One who perform Gurucharitra parayan with sapthaha deeksha at the premises of this oudumbar tree, he will definitely have the darshan of Lord Dattatreya in any form and their desires will be fulfilled. It is really true and even for today also.

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Kalleshwar Temple

Kalleshwaralaya is nearer to Manmadha theertha i.e., one of the Ashta theerthas and is nearly 1 km from Swamy mutt. Auto and Taanga conveyance is there for Kalleshwar temple. The importance of Kalleshwar temple was also explained in Shree gurucharitra. Kalleshwara is like Gokarna Mahabaleshwara. By performing Abhisheka in the month of Kartheeka, Maagha and Sravana to Kalleshwara, one's wishes will be fulfilled. The assurance was given by Shreeguru.